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Final Score: Braves 15, Mets 2—Playoffs?!

The Mets were embarrassed by a team that actually deserves to be in the postseason.

Atlanta Braves v New York Mets Photo by Sarah Stier/Getty Images

Well, that was not what you want. The Mets dropped the first game of their series against the Braves in a 15-2 drubbing. This was a series that the Mets needed to take and they came out about as flat as they possibly could for the first game.

The Mets took a risk by starting Steven Matz, who struggled when he was a starter earlier this year, and was making his first start back after missing nearly a month with a shoulder impingement, and it did not pay off. Matz got roughed up early, but was able to get out of the first inning by only allowing one run and leaving the bases loaded. He was not as lucky in the second and third innings, giving up four in the second and one more in the third. Matz gave up six runs in total in 2.2 innings pitched.

Franklyn Kilome came on in relief and gave up six runs of his own in the fourth. By that point, the game was a formality. Jared Hughes gave up three more runs in 3.1(!) innings of relief to put the icing on the cake. Todd Frazier pitched in this game.

Full recap to follow.

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