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Share your favorite Tom Seaver memory

The Franchise inspired lots of memories over a long, terrific career. Share yours here.

2013 MLB All-Star Game Photo by Rob Tringali/MLB Photos via Getty Images

Earlier this evening, the baseball world got the very sad news that Mets legend Tom Seaver had passed away. As we remember The Franchise here at Amazin’ Avenue, we want to turn our attention to your favorite memories of Seaver.

While all of us writing and editing here on the site are too young to have memories of Seaver while he was pitching, we’ve gotten to know him and his career well over the years of being Mets fans. Easily the best pitcher in franchise with a great history of pitching, Seaver remains the best player in Mets history.

As for my own favorite memory of Seaver, it likely pales in comparison to most stories. But the series of first pitches that he threw out to close out the Mets’ last night at Shea Stadium, to open Citi Field, and at the 2013 All-Star Game stand out as memorable moments from my time as a Mets fan. Please share yours in the comments.