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Highlights from Carlos Carrasco’s introductory press conference

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Cookie greeted the New York media and fans this afternoon via Zoom.

For the second time in two days, the Mets welcomed on of their newest players via a Zoom press conference. Carlos Carrasco met the New York media during a 30-minute video call, where he showed a humble and positive personality, much like his former Cleveland and current Mets teammate Francisco Lindor.

Carrasco began by talking about the emotions of coming to New York, citing the difficulty of leaving Cleveland after 13 years, but embracing the potential of this Mets team, saying that his goal is to make the playoffs and, ultimately, the World Series with the Mets. Carrasco said that he has already spoken with a number of his new teammates, and that fellow new Met James McCann was the first person to reach out to him.

Saying that he has been watching the team since they made the World Series in 2015, Carrasco praised the Mets’ starting rotation, and said that fans can expect a very good pitcher who is a competitor who loves getting the ball every fifth day.

Two non-baseball topics made up a good chunk of the time today, with Carrasco’s history of giving back to the community as well as his battle against leukemia both coming up frequently. On the topic of his medical struggles, Carrasco cited time and time again the support of his family, specifically his wife, as well as the entirety of the Cleveland organization, fans around the world, and his faith as helping him beat leukemia and keep a positive attitude while doing so.

Carrasco was already very involved in the community in Cleveland before his illness, but outreach gave him something to do while he recovered from his treatments. He mentioned that he cannot wait to get involved in New York and give back to the community here as well.

Overall, Carrasco came across as a genuine and dedicated person who can usually be found with a smile on his face. With this trade, the Mets received two class acts who will both improve the club on and off the field.