My Predictions For The 2021 Postseason

By: Danielle DelGaudio

Today marks the beginning of the 2021 Postseason. To say it’s been an exciting year would be an understatement. The N.L West and A.L East (ft. Seattle Mariners) have offered us the two biggest showdowns of the year that culminated in an epic Game 162 for six different teams. However, the excitement is only starting as tonight is the A.L Wild Card game and two of the longest war-torn enemies in baseball will kick-off this year’s postseason. Following this showdown will be a N.L Wild Card matchup for the ages (Scherzer v. Wainwright) that will lead the way into division and championship series that are destined to be just as exciting as their post-season predecessors. Below I will list my predictions for the 2021 Postseason. While some of my choices do not reflect what I HOPE will happen, they all reflect how I anticipate these pennant races to unfold.

A.L Wild Card Game: Boston Red Sox v. New York Yankees – WINNER: New York Yankees

N.L Wild Card Game: St. Louis Cardinals v. Los Angeles Dodgers – WINNER: St. Louis Cardinals

ALDS: Chicago White Sox v. Houston Astros – WINNER: Chicago White Sox

NLDS: Atlanta Braves v. Milwaukee Brewers – WINNER: Milwaukee Brewers

ALDS: Tampa Bay Rays v. New York Yankees – WINNER: Tampa Bay Rays

NLDS: San Francisco Giants v. St. Louis Cardinals – WINNER: San Francisco Giants

ALCS: Tampa Bay Rays v. Chicago White Sox – WINNER: Tampa Bay Rays

NLCS: San Francisco Giants v. Milwaukee Brewers – WINNER: San Francisco Giants

World Series: San Francisco Giants v. Tampa Bay Rays – WINNER: San Francisco Giants

There you have it, folks. My pick for our 2021 World Series Champions are the San Francisco Giants. They’ve played above and beyond their means all year, finishing the regular season with the best record in baseball. I believe they’ll carry this magic with them throughout the postseason, leading to what should make Mets fans everywhere extremely happy... Wilmer Flores getting his first World Series ring.

Let me know what you agree or disagree with, and who you think will be this year’s Mr. October!

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