AAOP: Breaking the Rules and the Bank

I’m just gonna come out and say it. $250 roster limit for this years AAOP? Sorry. No way. Not with Cohen in the house. I blew past it and then some.

The general goal was to spend tons of money and keep the farm intact. Acquire athletes who provide defensive flexibility while still being good. And stay away from long term contracts (for the most part).


Aaron Loup - 2 years, $18 Million

We know him. We Love him. Pay him in Busch if he requires it.

Javier Baez - 4 years, $110 Million

Theres a lot to like with some concerning trends. My hope is Baez can remain the athlete he is for the remainder of this contract. And i think his game is well suited for Citi where so many players lose offensive production. Thats why i upped the AAV to 27.5 hoping it could keep the term at 4 years.


Max Scherzer - 2 years $90 Million

Carlos Rodon - 3 years $66 Million

Joc Pederson - 1 year $10 Million

Leury Garcia - 1 year $10 Million

Yimi Garcia - 1 year $5 Million

Scherzer…It’s an insane contract. We don’t even know if he wants to come to NYC. So that’s why we opened up the coffers. I saw this deal as a way to pick up morale after we had the rug pulled out from us by Noah Syndergaard. This elevates our rotation to elite - with the best one, two punch in baseball. World Series here we come.

Rodon… Maybe the riskiest player on the free agent market. I’m expecting this deal to have opt-outs after every year. If he’s right, Rodon makes an excellent #3 or 4 in the rotation. If injuries become an issue, we’ll have depth in the form of Peterson, Megill and Trevor Williams.

Pederson and Garcia… I wanted defensive versatility and insurance policies. With injury prone guys like Nimmo and Buxton, both Garcia and Pederson can help out in center, or man the corner. Garcia can even bring his defense to the infield. Garcia has good bat to ball skills, and Pederson provides pop and veteran experience.

Yimi… Rock solid pen arm. Liked him on the Dodgers, was very effective on the Marlins. Just a good, reliable BP arm.


Byron Buxton and Josh Donaldson for…

JD Davis, Mark Vientos and Jose Butto

We’re taking Minnesota’s dirty laundry in Donaldson, and oft broken but potential superstar Buxton and pencilling them right into our starting lineup. Risky? Absolutely. But the cost isn’t major. JDD is a professional hitter and I’m guessing teams will still see this and value it. Vientos is coming off of an insane year and im trying to sell high in hopes of Minnesota loving his power. I threw in Butto because just 2 infielders seemed a bit light, but honestly not sure if it will take that much to give MN the salary relief they want even if it means losing Buxton who has never been able to stay healthy. For lux tax purposes, Donaldson is at $23 mil this year and next, with an option/buyout year 3. Buxton is projected to make $7.5 million

Ok. Thats it. I know i won't win a prize this year since I'm adding like $140 million to our already high payroll. Thanks for taking the time to read.

Final Roster

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