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Majority of baseball fans surveyed don’t want expanded playoffs

MLB had expanded playoffs in 2020, but most fans don’t want to see that format again.

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2020 World Series Game 6: Los Angeles Dodgers v. Tampa Bay Rays Photo by Alex Trautwig/MLB Photos via Getty Images

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The latest SB Nation Reacts survey asked questions about expanded playoffs in Major League Baseball, something that owners successfully pushed for in the shortened 2020 season and wanted to implement for the 2021 season. A majority of fans in this survey, however, don’t want to see expanded playoffs this year.

Asked about a permanent expansion of the playoffs, those fans were even more against the idea, with 65 percent saying no.

In terms of what the playoffs should look like, a plurality of fans said they would prefer eight teams, which was the number for the entire stretch in which each league had just one Wild Card team. That option was followed by ten, twelve, and six teams.

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