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Chat with Amazin’ Avenue on Locker Room tonight at 7:30pm ET

What was the biggest miss of the Mets’ offseason?

Tonight, we will be continuing our weekly chats via the Locker Room app. The free app allows users to create ‘rooms,’ where folks can gather to talk about their favorite team. In Locker Room, a host, in this case deputy site manager Brian Salvatore, will be leading an audio conversation on a topic, and will add people to the ‘stage,’ allowing them to join the discussion.

We will be hosting a room tonight, starting at 7:30pm, and the topic will be: “What was the biggest miss of the Mets’ offseason?” The Mets gained, and lost, a GM this off-season, and that may be a reason why they weren’t able to do a little more this offseason. Come debate which move would’ve put the Mets over the top this evening!

We will be tweeting the link, as well as posting it in this post, once we go live, but before that, download the free Locker Room app for your mobile device. We hope to see you there!