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Mets Opening Day against the Nationals postponed because of COVID

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Opening Day will have to wait.

Nationals Park Media Tour Photo By Tom Williams/CQ-Roll Call, Inc via Getty Images

The Opening Day game between the Mets and the Nationals has been postponed because of a positive COVID-19 test and concerns about other cases with the Nationals.

An unnamed Nationals player tested positive for COVID-19 yesterday, prompting fears of a mass exposure on the team plane. Though sources haven’t confirmed the number of players infected, the Nationals were concerned about additional positive tests among players. The Mets reportedly do not have any COVID cases at the moment.

There has been no plan yet to reschedule the game, nor is there any indication whether the last two games of the series will be played as scheduled. The Mets were scheduled to play tonight, take a day off on Friday, and finish the series on Saturday and Sunday.

If the Mets and the Nationals don’t play this weekend, the Mets would begin their 2021 season Monday night against the Phillies in Philadelphia.