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This Week in Mets Quotes: deGrom wants Mets to get things rolling, Rojas wants to play more games

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Lots of interesting, funny, idiotic, and insightful things were said by the Mets—and about them—recently. Here are some of our favorites.

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New York Mets v Chicago Cubs Photo by Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images

Your 2021 New York Mets: We’ll hopefully get this thing rolling

“We’ll hopefully get this thing rolling.” -Jacob deGrom [MLB]

Playing games helps play the game, huh, makes sense.

“We’ve seen already some responses, positive responses, from pitching more, from playing more, from getting more at-bats. Playing games is definitely going to get us in better shape. But we’ve got to narrow it down to one at a time.” -Luis Rojas [MLB]

Playing games helps but these games do matter...

“It’s kind of been like Spring Training — play one game, off the next day, play two, off the next day, play three, off. It kind of feels like Spring Training, except the games do matter.” -Francisco Lindor [MLB]

...but these early games are also more about the friends we make along the way.

“It’s not good that we’re losing games — let’s not get that mixed up — but it’s great that it’s happening now because we’re continuing to learn, we’re continuing to know each other. I’d much rather this happen now, or in Spring Training, than it happen late in September when we’re fighting for a playoff spot, or when we’re in the playoffs — God willing. So we learn from it, and we move on.” -Francisco Lindor [MLB]

You know what we call ‘doing something special’; ‘something special happening’.

“We talk about Jake getting better every year. We talked about the challenges of the weather today. Yeah, it’s a little bit of a different start, and then, all of the sudden, he makes an adjustment and does something special. That’s what we call it: something special happening.” -Flor Rojas [MLB]

Luis Rojas on deGrom almost tying Tom Seaver’s consecutive K streak.

“You don’t see that often. I mean, we didn’t have a ball put in play for like three innings. The guys were just out there getting to their positions with no balls in play, like just running in and out of their dugout for three innings.” -Luis Rojas [MLB]

deGrom on almost tying Tom Seaver’s consecutive K streak.

“Well, that would have been nice to reach but I fell a little short.” -Jacob deGrom [MLB]

That’s the difference between a starter like Marcus Stroman who loves going deep into games each and every start while Taijuan Walker only wants to go deep into a start every once and a while.

“I always love going deep into games. So going into the eighth, ninth, seventh, that is something I honestly want to do each and every start. Give the bullpen a break as well as keep my team in position to win super-late into games.” -Marcus Stroman [New York Post]

Stroman on pitching at Coors.

“I think my stuff plays well here. I don’t change my game plan much. I think because I throw an elite sinker I think I do a good job of being able to keep the ball on the ground no matter what park I go to and I think it plays here as well.” -Marcus Stroman [New York Post]


“We’re all human. Even Gold Glovers sometimes don’t go errorless throughout the season.” -J.D. Davis [MLB]

No surprise that Lindor has more confidence in himself than #metstwitter right now.

“All it takes is one swing to feel like I’m in a good spot. I got that one swing and after that … it was just a matter of seeing pitches.” -Francisco Lindor [New York Post]

Tim Britton’s article is an interview with James McCann so I’ll only include two quotes but it’s a really insightful read that I highly recommend.

“I do think the most important piece is something you can’t quantify, which is building those relationships, calling a good game and developing that trust with your pitchers.” -James McCann [The Athletic]

“When you’re diving in to who they are on the field, what are you looking at? What kind of research are you doing?” -Tim Britton [The Athletic]

I’m just looking at a lot of the analytical stuff, how their pitches play.2 I go back and look at stretches where they’ve been the best in their career and see what they’re doing well at that point. And then look at points where maybe they weren’t doing as well and what they struggled with. Was it command? Was it stuff? What was it? Just to be able to help them through those tough times and be able to extend those good times.” -James McCann [The Athletic]

Conversely, I do not recommend this article where Chili Davis doesn’t really say anything insightful but does say a lot words...

“I kind of look at treating [Lindor] like I would a David Ortiz. Lindor has had so much success in his past and he’s so young he’s been a great hitter, he’s still a great hitter. I think I have got to listen to him, because he is the guy who is feeling what’s going on, but if I can help him and show him some videos and say, ‘Remember when you used to feel this and that,’ and little suggestions with him, but you don’t want to be in his face every day. You want him to feel it out and find it.” -Chili Davis [New York Post]

...Yes I see. Be quiet!...

“There is no possible way that his bat speed is an issue,” Davis said. “It’s just a feel. We haven’t played consistently enough games. He left spring training feeling really good. We go to Washington and we don’t play a game, we do simulated BP, it helps but it’s not like competing against another team.” -Chili Davis [New York Post].

...BE QUIET! I order you to be quiet!

“It affects your timing. Plus, he’s in a different league this year and a lot of the pitchers, he doesn’t know right now and he’s probably faced them a few times. But it’s not like facing guys over and over again. He is the kind of guy, and [Jeff] McNeil too that once they get going, then you don’t have anything to say to them because they are just going to roll. -Chili Davis [New York Post]

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