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Mets Morning News: Academic

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Your Monday morning dose of New York Mets and MLB news, notes, and links.

Washington Nationals v New York Mets Photo by Al Bello/Getty Images

Meet the Mets

In a delightful twist of fortune, the pitching, and even the defense of the Mets all came together in a tidy 4-0 Sunday afternoon win over the Nationals.

Choose your recap: Amazin’ Avenue short and long, Daily News, ESPN, North Jersey,, Newsday, Post.

A great chunk of the Mets’ success on Sunday can be chalked up to a catch from Albert Almora Jr. that Pete Alonso and, I don’t know, maybe Austin Powers would agree was sexy.

Have you at any point felt the urge to watch all 50 of Jacob deGrom’s strikeouts in 2021? Well I don’t care if you haven’t because I am going to link the video anyway.

As a player with many ups and downs over the course of a season, J.D. Davis found himself on one of the biggest ups of 2021, logging three hits, two runs driven in and two runs scored against Washington.

Drew Smith has been activated and will head to the alternate site effective immediately.

Luis Rojas writing up a lineup that looked quite a bit different from what fans have come to expect worked just as he had hoped.

Around the National League East

If watching Patrick Corbin struggle against the Mets is something you found enjoyable, reading quotes from Patrick Corbin about his struggles is your bag, baby.

The Braves came one hit away from having the worst day of baseball possible as they dropped both ends of their doubleheader to the Diamondbacks in a 7-0 *no hitter and 5-0 one hitter.

Though they did score two runs on seven hits, the Phillies had the same amount of wins as Atlanta as they lost a 12-2 game in Colorado.

Despite losing 4-3 to the Giants, the Marlins ended up having the second most successful Sunday of any National League East team.

Around Major League Baseball

Madison Bumgarner threw a no hitter that wasn’t actually a no hitter that may actually still be a no hitter pending further review.

In the newest 2021 MLB Mock Draft, Jack Leiter rightfully claims the hypothetical number one overall pick position.

They did lose the game, but Giancarlo Stanton did manage to smack the hardest hit ball of 2021 at 120MPH.

While they didn’t end up going very far, the Angels and the Yankees did discuss a potential deal for Aaron Judge over the offseason.

Blue Jays ace Hyun-Jin Ryu left Sunday’s game early with a [Al Pacino Heat voice] STRAINED ASS.

After ejecting David Bell during the Reds’ contest on Sunday, the Bells became the second father-son combo to be ejected by Joe West.

Alex Rodriguez’s engagement may be broken beyond repair, but his immune system is about to be stronger than ever thanks to the COVID-19 vaccine.

Despite proclaiming that they are Not Mad and Actually Laughing, the Dodgers are Actually Mad and Not Laughing as they accused Fernando Tatis Jr. of stealing signs.

After Trevor Bauer, who is Not Mad by the way, took to Twitter to Not Be Mad, Fernando Tatis Jr. took care of him like any good father should.

This Date in Mets History

Please say happy birthday to Amos Otis and Mike Scott or face the consequences.