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Francisco Lindor, Luis Rojas, Miguel Castro, and Joey Lucchesi get COVID-19 vaccine publicly

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Four Mets had their photos published by the team as they received COVID-19 vaccines following the team’s home opener.


During the Mets’ home opener yesterday afternoon at Citi Field, Gary Cohen, Keith Hernandez, and Ron Darling were loving what they were seeing from Francisco Lindor on the field, as the shortstop was enthusiastically encouraging his teammates and reminding them about what to do in certain situations. And after the game, with COVID-19 vaccines available to the team, Lindor demonstrated leadership, too, agreeing to receive the vaccine and have his photo taken in the process for the Mets to publicize.

Lindor was not alone, as manager Luis Rojas and teammates Joey Lucchesi and Miguel Castro got vaccinated and had their photos published by the Mets, too.

All four of them—and any other players or member of the organization who got vaccinated—deserve credit for, as the Mets correctly put it in the tweet, doing their part to help bring an end to this pandemic. And all three members of the SNY booth—Gary, Keith, and Ron, of course—have already spoken on-air about having received their vaccines, encouraging their audience to do the same. And the Mets brought attention to individuals who had been affected by the pandemic during their pre-game ceremonies at their home opener.

Since COVID hit New York hard last March, nearly 51,000 New Yorkers have died because of the virus, according to the data available Johns Hopkins. And thousands of others have dealt with severe illness but have fortunately been able to pull through, in some cases with a long road to recovery ahead of them.

In addition to that devastating reality, the pandemic altered day-to-day life and was the driving force behind nearly unprecedented small business and job loss, and assistance has been difficult to come by or not nearly enough to keep people afloat.

For quite some time, it’s been obvious that the only way out of this pandemic would be a vaccine. And less than a year after the first confirmed COVID case in the United States, three vaccines that have proven to be safe and effective in trials have been approved for use here, with real world data supporting the data from the trials.

I’m incredibly lucky to have been vaccinated myself here in New York City, and nearly everyone at Amazin’ Avenue has been vaccinated or is in the process of getting vaccinated. Appointments are still not easy to come by, but we tweeted a thread of resources for finding appointments the other day after Gary, Keith, and Ron spoke about their vaccines. And if you or someone you know wants a vaccine but is having trouble finding an appointment, feel free to reach out, either in the comments or directly, for help looking for one.

And as Mets fans, we already knew that Francisco Lindor was a franchise-altering player because of what he brought to the team on the field. Given his thoughtful comments and perspective on the pandemic in his first press conference as a Met, it’s not surprising that he chose to get the vaccine and share that image. For that, we thank him and everyone else with the Mets who has promoted vaccination.