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Michael Conforto, Jeff McNeil leave Mets game with hamstring injuries

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Injuries are increasingly common in baseball this year, and the Mets have two significant ones to deal with.

MLB: MAY 14 Mets at Rays Photo by Cliff Welch/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

In their game against the Rays this afternoon, the Mets had two players leave early because of hamstring injuries: Michael Conforto and Jeff McNeil. According to the Mets, it’s right hamstring tightness for Conforto and left hamstring tightness for McNeil. Of the two, Conforto had been healthy coming into the game, while McNeil had played irregularly since leaving a game last week with what the team described as body cramps.

While the Mets’ offense got off to a slow start to begin the year, both hitters are vital to the team’s success. McNeil has hit .235./330/.367 with a 102 wRC+ to start the year but has been an excellent hitter in his major league career up to this point. And Conforto has hit .232/.358/.339 with a 106 wRC+ to start this year and similarly has a very good track record as a hitter.

In the short term, the Mets don’t have a ton in the way of available help in the upper minors, and the team will have to try to get through this injury-riddled stretch with patchwork solutions, barring any moves to bring in players from outside the organization.