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Final Score: Mets 8, Phillies 7 — Donnie’s Revenge

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While they did blow the game for a moment, Donnie’s Boys managed to leave Philadelphia with an 8-7 win.

MLB: New York Mets at Philadelphia Phillies Kyle Ross-USA TODAY Sports

With the power of Donnie Stevenson on their side, the Mets turned a 4-2 deficit into an 8-4 advantage on their way to an 8-7 win over Philadelphia.

Only appearing in tonight’s game because of his suspension appeal, Jose Alvarado got absolutely sliced and diced by Donnie’s Boys, giving up three runs on a hit and two walks. Of course, other Phillies came together to give up the other five runs along the way, but I just wanted to mention Alvarado.

David Peterson had a start that can be given a firm grade of Good as he went five innings giving up only one run and striking out eight guys before being removed for a pinch hitter. Miguel Castro’s night wasn’t nearly as comforting, but two innings of scoreless ball by Jacob Barnes and Trevor May led to an Edwin Diaz ninth inning that managed to blow and unblow itself thanks to Rhys Hoskins’ homer actually being a double off of the top of the fence atop the wall. After Diaz’ departure following the double, Jeurys Familia came in and closed out the 8-7 win.

Full recap to follow.

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