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This Week in Mets Quotes: Rojas says the Mets will field a team, deGrom is feeling good

Lots of interesting, funny, idiotic, and insightful things were said by the Mets—and about them—recently. Here are some of our favorites.

MLB: Washington Nationals at New York Mets Wendell Cruz-USA TODAY Sports

Your 2021 New York Mets: We’ll have a team out there tomorrow.

“We’ll have a team out there tomorrow.” -Luis Rojas [MLB]

I thought the 2011 Mets team was snake bitten but this has been something else.

“We’ve got to find a way to stay afloat until we start welcoming back our guys.” -James McCann [MLB]

‘These things keep happening’ sums up the Mets franchise.

“I’ve got to use the word ‘challenging’ — yes, it’s challenging. These things keep happening.” -Luis Rojas [MLB]

Of course, Stro is confident in his team.

“Obviously, we have to kind of carry the load until those guys get back but I think we’re up to the task.” -Marcus Stroman [MLB]

Who had Jose Peraza in their AAOP as being a key player/leader.

“We’re working hard. We’re staying united. We’re doing all the little things.” -Jose Peraza [MLB]

From your lips to Dickey’s ears.

“Everything felt good, my body felt good, so I am looking forward to hopefully running out there every five days for the rest of the year.” -Jacob deGrom [New York Post]

This quote could be from any number of recent call ups/acquisitions the past couple of weeks.

“I know the goal here is to win and that is the absolute first here, so I’m excited. I try not to really think about where I’m at in the lineup, I just try to get in the lineup and do what I can whenever I’m in there. The fact that they have me batting fourth tonight, it’s an honor but now it’s time to go out there and play our game and win. That’s the goal.” -Billy McKinney (?) [New York Post]

I think we’re all very proud of Khali Lee.

“I’m very proud of [Khali Lee]. It’s very exciting to see him deliver. I’m just glad he made the adjustment from one day to another. I know the hitting coaches have been working hard with him. They worked with him on staying on the ball more. He just made contact. The kid has pop. That’s what got him here.” -Luis Rojas [New York Post]

“It’s a brand-new day. I try to come in every day thinking, ‘It’s a brand-new game.’ I was ready to get up there and help the team out as much as I can — anyway I can.” -Khali Lee [New York Post]

Bullpen definitely gets pass for some performances this past week as they were understandably gassed.

“What I like [about the bullpen] is that they don’t shy away. These guys, they make the adjustments. Not every day is going to be a shutdown, as good as they are. They controlled their emotions. They are making adjustments on the fly.” -Flor Rojas [New York Post]

Once in five year injury, sounds about right.

“[My fingers] ended up getting irritated from this one contact. They seem to say, people will go five years without this ever happening and then all of a sudden, one swing will make it happen. Then you have to wait for that nerve to basically calm down and that swelling to calm down.” Brandon Nimmo [New York Daily News]

Joey Luccesi on being taking out after cruising through the Marlins’ lineup with 43 pitches.

“I really wanted to keep going. Rojas said, ‘That was one one hell of a job. You did really good.’ But they are just looking out for me. That’s the longest I’ve been out there this season. I get it. They are looking out for me.” -Joey Luccesi [MLB]

The entire article is full of great quotes from the Minor Leaguers that faced Lugo, deGrom and Syndergaard over a two day span.

“We were like, ‘That’ll be pretty cool. Lugo is pretty good. He’s a big league starter. Then he came out and threw a four-pitch first inning and then went down to the pen and threw 35 more pitches, then left. And we were like, ‘Oh, that was pretty uneventful. I wish we got to see more.’” -John Beller [Fox]

Perfect summation of deGrom.

“We got a scouting report at around 1 am., and it said, ‘deGrom fastball 100 to 102, slider 94 to 95’, so that was cool. I think most people on the team went on ‘MLB The Show’ and pitched with him and hit against him to see his pitches. That’s really all you can do. Because he’s pretty much a video game character. And when you got up there at the plate, that’s pretty much how it works.” -Masyn Winn [Fox]

Le sigh.

“Whenever we figured out that [we were facing Syndergaard], we were like, ‘Holy shit, that’s Noah Syndergaard, dog.’ Like, we’re about to go face Thor.” -Masyn Winn [Fox]

“At first, everyone was like, well, if we only see an inning again like Lugo, it won’t be such a big deal. Then Thor goes out there and throws four innings and carves. I’ve obviously been to MLB games growing up and stuff, but being in the dugout, being able to watch Syndergaard from that close, was totally different. The biggest difference is that he didn’t even look like he was trying. He was out there, looking like he was flippin’ it in a bullpen and just blowing dudes away.” -John Beller [Fox]

Mets Tweet of the Week

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