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Cardinals 6, Mets 5—Lucchesi struggles in Mets loss

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Joey Lucchesi’s struggles sinks the Mets strong offensive performance.

MLB: New York Mets at St. Louis Cardinals Jeff Curry-USA TODAY Sports

Despite a strong offensive performance and relief outings from multiple members of the bullpen, the Mets were burned by a lackluster start by Joey Lucchesi and fell to the Cardinals in their first game of four in St. Louis.

The Mets offensive outbreak continued tonight, with Pete Alonso looking especially impressive. They scored five runs off Adam Wainwright, two in the second inning and three in the third. The second inning was marked by a loss of control by Wainwright, who allowed two runs to score by way of a hit by pitch and a walk. The third inning saw three runs scored with an RBI groundout by Dominic Smith and a two-run home run by Kevin Pillar.

However a good offensive showing did not outweigh the rocky starting pitching performance by Joey Lucchesi. Lucchesi allowed six runs to score in less than three innings, giving up two home runs to Harrison Bader and Nolan Arenado. The bullpen swooped in to help try and salvage the game, with Robert Gsellman and Sean Reid-Foley each putting in multi-inning performances without allowing any more runs to score. Jacob Barnes also put together a scoreless inning (not without getting himself into a bit of a pickle first), but all this combined wasn’t enough to beat the Cardinals.

Full recap to follow.

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