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Final Score: Mets 5, Diamondbacks 4—Signature Moment

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In a game when their starter was knocked out early, the bullpen held firm and the Mets walked it off in the tenth.

Arizona Diamondbacks v New York Mets Photo by Mike Stobe/Getty Images

The Mets beat the Diamondbacks 5-4 in walk-off fashion in extra innings in the series opener at Citi Field. It was an absolutely wild ride; the Mets were in an early hole as David Peterson walked the opposing pitcher Zac Gallen to load the bases in the second inning and then subsequently hit a batter and walked two batters to force in three runs before he was pulled in favor of Robert Gsellman, who retired the final batter in the inning.

At that point, things were looking grim for the Mets. Gallen was dealing and the bullpen was again forced to do some heavy lifting in relief. Gsellman gave up an additional run in the third inning to make the score 4-0 Diamondbacks, but the bullpen held firm after that. Gsellman pitched a scoreless fourth, the newly recalled Tommy Hunter tossed two scoreless innings, and Jacob Barnes, Miguel Castro, Edwin Díaz, and Aaron Loup each contributed a scoreless inning to keep the Mets in the game.

The Mets clawed back a run in the third on a Michael Conforto RBI single up the middle that drove in Francisco Lindor, who reached on an infield hit and advanced to second on a missed scoop by Christian Walker at first base. A Jonathan Villar RBI single in the sixth brought the Mets within a run. Then Francisco Lindor delivered with his first huge moment as a Met—a game tying two-run homer in the seventh.

Amidst all of this, there was commotion in the tunnel in between innings and we may never know the true cause of the hullabaloo.

In the bottom of the tenth inning with the bases loaded and one out, the Mets turned to the last position player on their bench: catcher Patrick Mazeika, who had just one major league at-bat under his belt. After fouling off a couple of pitches with authority, Mazeika dribbled a 2-2 pitch up the first base line slowly enough to allow Pete Alonso to cross home plate with the winning run.

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