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What to do about the backend of the Mets rotation? Join us on Locker Room at 7:30pm ET

Got the day off blues? Come chat with us about the Mets this evening.

At 7:30pm tonight on the Locker Room app, we’ll be hosting a discussion about the Mets’ starting rotation and, specifically, what to do about it until Carlos Carrasco and Noah Syndergaard (hopefully) return to action. Would you make a trade? Is it Thomas Szapucki season? Itching for a few Jerad Eikoff starts? Or would you stick with David Peterson and Joey Lucchesi for the long haul?

The free Locker Room app allows users to create ‘rooms,’ where folks can gather to talk about their favorite team. A host, in this case deputy site manager Brian Salvatore, will be leading an audio conversation on a topic, and will add people to the ‘stage,’ allowing them to join the discussion.

Before joining, download the free Locker Room app for your iOS mobile device. The Mets are off tonight, so what else are you gong to do? Enjoy the nice weather and spend time with your loved ones?

Didn’t think so. See you at 7:30! Here’s the link.