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Amazin’ Avenue Audio (The Show), Episode 67: Hanging in the Slightly Concerned Suburbs

The Mets are still in first place, featuring a mix of returning and newly injured players.

Welcome to Amazin’ Avenue Audio (The Show), the new/old favorite from Amazin’ Avenue editors Chris McShane and Brian Salvatore.

While many of the Mets faithful are fully entrenched within the confines of Panic City, Brian and Chris remain slightly more optimistic about where the Mets find themselves. That is, namely, in first place and with a winning record. The cavalcade of injuries marches on, and the hosts dig into the latest round of the replacement players, including last night’s starter, Tylor Megill.

Chris’s Music Pick:

Sonic Youth - Rather Ripped

Brian’s Music Pick:

Outkast - Stankonia

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And, until next time, Let’s Go Mets.