Never EVER do this!!! (w/prospects)

The one thing you're never supposed to do with minor-leaguers is scout the stat-line. But the Mets aren't playing today, fangraphs recently updated their 45+ FV list and the trade deadline is approaching.

So I'm going to run through the AA team's Top 20 list and assign up/down/sideways arrows to each guy. I'm not expert and haven't made a single game in-person yet this year so take this with a shaker-full of salt. But perhaps others that have more info can weigh in to improve our collective knowledge base.

These are the rankings from before we did the Lindor deal.

1. Ronny Mauricio (SS) -€” Slightly up. Currently posting a 106 wRC+ as a 20 year-old at High-A. That's awesome if he sticks as a SS, not bad if he doesn't. 27% k-rate & 5.5% bb-rate leave room for improvement. He's not flailing but not sure he's rocketing up ranking boards. 7/1 Edit: Bad close to June for Ronny - his wRC+ now stands at 89 for the season. No need to panic - prospect development has peaks and valleys. Hopefully, he recovers and has a strong 2nd half.

2. Matthew Allan (RHP) -€” Neutral. TJ surgery.

3. Francisco Alvarez (C) -€” Waaay up. That 153 wRC+ at High-A for a guy that doesn't turn 20 until November and plays catcher? Pinch me! This is what rocket fuel smells like.

4. Brett Baty (3B) -€” Definitely up. The 162 wRC+ at High-A trumps Alvarez but Baty is two full two years older. 23/14 k%/bb%

5. Pete Crow-Armstrong (OF) -- Neutral. Out for the season.

6. Mark Vientos (3B) -€” Slightly up. Abysmal start but completely crushing it now. Overall 117 wRC+ in AA which pales compared to Baty but Vientos is actually a month younger than Brett. 7/1 Edit: The opposite of Mauricio, he closed June on a complete tear - he's definitely a strong up arrow now. The overall wRC+ has rocketed to 144 on the season.

7. Josh Wolf (RHP) -- Traded to CLE in the Lindor deal where he's posted a 6.56 ERA in 7/6 appearances/starts.

8. Jaylen Palmer (INF) -€” Down. 87 wRC+ in low-A ball.

9. J.T. Ginn (RHP) -€” Neutral. Back on the field after TJ!! Getting his sea legs. Shiny 2.25 ERA but only 6.75 k/9ip. Too early to get a reading.

10. Franklyn Kilomé (RHP) -- Down. Has given up more walks than k's but only 16 hits allowed in 25+ innings. Sounds like he induces lots of weak contact -€” when he manages to get the ball over the plate.

11. Thomas Szapucki (LHP) -€” Neutral to down. Having an ugly June so far.

12. Shervyen Newton (INF) - Way down. 41% k-rate in low-A as a 22 year-old. Is this the kind of guy that is a candidate to get released when they need roster slots for newly drafted guys next month? Maybe he can be sent as a lottery ticket in a deal for a DFA.

13. Isaiah Greene (OF) -€” Traded to CLE in the Lindor deal. Has not appeared yet this season.

14. Freddy Valdez (OF) -€” Traded to BOS -€” has not appeared in 2021.

15. Junior Santos (RHP) -€” Neutral. Doesn't turn 20 until mid-August. Not drowning in low-A. 8.4/4.8 k/bb-9ip -€” 4.50 ERA, 28 hits in 30ip.

16. Harol Gonzalez (RHP) -€” Neutral. TJ surgery though for 26 year-old soft-tosser, that could actually mean he deserves a down-arrow.

17. Robert Dominguez (RHP) -€” Neutral. No 2021 stats.

18. Alexander Ramirez (OF) -€” Neutral. Doesn't turn 19 until January. Not drowning after his first 70 PA's as a pro. Game log not accessible but I believe he had a pretty horrid first 10-15 PA's and has been respectable since then. 7/1 Edit: Now an up arrow - His first 5 games saw him ops .246 but since then it's been .912 with 8 xbh's in 3 weeks! His overall wRC+ now stands at 143! Barring a total 2nd half collapse, he looks like a Top 10 prospect.

19. Daison Acosta (RHP) -- Neutral. Don't see any stats -€” is listed as on 60-day IL.

20. Sam McWilliams (RHP) -€” Down. Remember the 25 year-old guy we paid $1m to play in the minors? Well he was a victim of roster-roulette after posting a 10.80 ERA in 8+ AAA innings. He's now with San Diego where he's working a 16.20 ERA after 5 innings. I guess analytics may not be infallible.

So while the top of the list is doing fine to well, the back end is a debacle. Hopefully there are other low-profile guys that will fill the other slots -€” i.e. Trevor Megill, Jake Mangum, Carlos Cortes. But given the team-wide performance of our minor league affiliates our already shaky depth may now officially qualify as embarrassing.

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