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This Week in Mets Quotes: deGrom feels good, Steve Cohen lives and dies on every inning

Lots of interesting, funny, idiotic, and insightful things were said by the Mets—and about them—recently. Here are some of our favorites.

Atlanta Braves v New York Mets Photo by Elsa/Getty Images

Your 2021 New York Mets: None of these come easy.

“None of these come easy but we can’t stop, and that’s been the approach each time. We talk as a staff. We talk with the front office, and plans start unfolding just to keep moving forward.” -Luis Rojas [MLB]

Pete provides the weekly reminder to the fans that the Mets are in first place.

“It’s a long season and there are ebbs and flows with every year and this is just one of them. I think this is just a couple of games where we’re getting to the meat of the schedule and right now that’s where we’re at. Overall, we’re still in first place by [four] games and we’re eight games above .500 and we have been playing some really great baseball.” -Pete Alonso [New York Post]

This reads like a Piazza quote verbatim.

“I’m not a power hitter. It’s not like I’m thinking about, I’m going to have two home runs in a game or three home runs. As long as we come up with the ‘W’ — that is what I have been dreaming about, coming up with wins and winning a World Series championship.” -Francisco Lindor [New York Post]

‘This is Steve from Great Neck. First time, long time...I’ll hang up and listen.’

“I knew I would care about every game, but I didn’t realize how much I would care. I live and die on every inning. If Sandy doesn’t pick up, I go to Zack. If Zack doesn’t pick up, I go to Sandy. And if one of them picks up, I may go to the other one anyway. You’ve got to stay current. It’s part of the gig.” -Steve Cohen [MLB]

Opposing batters hear non-existent horns blare as they try to sleep.

“I just try to do my job. I’m here to help the team to win. … Our bullpen was short, and a lot of guys were down today, so I was expecting to come in maybe in the eighth.” -Edwin Díaz [MLB]

“Díaz has been great this whole year. He comes in and he lights it up.” -Francisco Lindor [MLB]

I’m willing to compartmentalize my feelings toward how Díaz was acquired and just enjoy that he’s really fun to root for.

“[2019] took a lot out of [Díaz] mentally, and I think he would admit that. He went from being likely the best closer in baseball in a lot of respects to having a really tough year. New organization. New everything. And so I think a lot of his consistency has just come from knowing what to expect.” -Jeremy Hefner [MLB]

It’s Father’s Day today, so to all you fathers out there, Happy Birthday.

“My father is my university of life, not only on baseball, but he taught me a lot of things. He taught me how to be a good son, how to be a good father. He taught me how to be a good baseball man. Tomorrow, I will pay him a call. I will thank him for everything. More than anything, he always raised us with the word of God. He wanted all of us to be humble. He wanted me to be a good man before a good baseball man. One leads to the other.” -Luis Rojas [MLB]

And it was a double to boot.

“[My first major league hit has] been coming. I have been wanting to get the first one and I feel like a total baseball player.” -David Peterson [New York Post]

Using this as an excuse to remind everyone that Jacob deGrom has a 143 wRC+.

“I feel like if it’s anything serious, you can’t touch it [without pain]. It normally gets sore there after I pitch, but not normally during a game. … [To feel it] midgame and then have it not go away, it’s not a normal time to get it. The first two innings, I felt completely fine. I think when I swung and missed up and away, I just aggravated it trying to slow the bat down and then I felt it when I was throwing.” -Jacob deGrom [MLB]

deGrom on if he wouldn’t swing to avoid injury.

“You can tell [opposing pitchers] that. That way, they throw me all fastballs.” -Jacob deGrom [MLB]

deGrom on if he’s feeling old after celebrating his 33rd birthday.

“No, I feel good. I’m going the other way.” -Jacob deGrom [MLB]

Lobby deGrom for head trainer.

“That was the discussion but after going through, getting images on it, seeing the spot it was in and how it’s responded the past couple of days, I decided to try to proceed as normal. It felt like it’s nothing internal. It’s more muscular stuff. So we got it to calm down with the treatment we’ve been doing, and then throwing these past couple of days, it felt really good.” -Jacob deGrom [MLB]

Welcome to the Good Guys.

“Honest to God, I went back to that moment [having a rough first inning against the Mets in his second start]. I was extremely calm, I was in the moment each and every pitch, I was locked in. I didn’t let fatigue get to me. It was back to breathing and focusing on the next pitch. That’s what was able to get me through.” -Jerad Eickoff [New York Post]

Mets Tweet of the Week(?)

Mets Tweet of the Week

SiteBot FacePalm of the Week

“Perhaps Carrasco will think about earning a paycheck.” -navspycav

AA Quote of the Week

“These injuries are laughable. Various reasons, as injuries have doubled in a real short period. The Fact is fans are getting mostly AAAA baseball for MLB prices. We do not need to debate why these “athletes” can not stay healthy but if you care about the game realize this is a serious issue for MLB’s popularity. It is one of a couple they do not mention because MLB does not have an answer or a new rule they can implement to see if it helps.” -Mettle

“Ahhhhhhhh! My hands are burning from trying to handle this take!” -Ouch, I bumped my Shinjo