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Amazin’ Avenue in Conversation, Episode 29: Jason Fry

The Star Wars writer and Faith and Fear in Flushing contributor speaks with Brian about both fandoms.

Star Wars Celebration Talk & Book Signing Photo by Paul Zimmerman/Getty Images

Welcome to Amazin’ Avenue in Conversation, a podcast from Amazin’ Avenue where we invite interesting people on the show to talk about themselves, the Mets, and more.

Jason Fry is someone who has been able to take his passions and, not just appreciate them from afar, but get so deep into them, he winds up on the inside. What does that mean? Well, Jason went from Mets fan to writer who had access to the team and an audience to share his opinions with. He also went from obsessive Star Wars fan to a writer who has contributed to the overall mythos in ways that he likely could never have imagined as a kid playing with action figures.

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