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Join us on Spotify Greenroom during the first two innings of Game 2

Come discuss the Mets’ double dip against the Phillies.

In the past, you may have seen us hosting chats about the Mets on an app called Locker Room. The app has been rebranded as Spotify Greenroom, and tonight we are hosting a watch along chat for the first two innings of Game 2 of the Mets/Phillies doubleheader from Citi Field.

The Mets, coming off a 2-2 series with the Braves and a 1-3 weekend with the Nationals, are still in first place. The Phillies were in second place last week, but have slipped to third place, and five games behind the Mets. After the embarrassing behavior of their manager earlier in the week and Aaron Nola’s dominant, record tying strikeout performance in game one, it’s been a strange week for the Phillies. There will be lots to talk about tonight.

So, if you’re looking for something to do during the first few innings of tonight’s game, download Greenroom (or update your Locker Room app) and look for our group! We’ll also post a link here when it goes live.

Join us here!