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This Week in Mets Quotes: Jacob deGrom wants to be the best hitter, Lindor feels confident

Lots of interesting, funny, idiotic, and insightful things were said by the Mets—and about them—recently. Here are some of our favorites.

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MLB: New York Mets at San Diego Padres Orlando Ramirez-USA TODAY Sports

This Week in Appreciate Jacob deGrom.

“He was tremendous. You see this guy, it’s almost like he’s getting better and better every time he goes out there.” -Luis Rojas [MLB]

As the Minor Leaguers who faced deGrom said ‘He’s a Video Game’.

“What we’re watching is definitely something special. In my mind, he’s in a league of his own. The fact that he has the stuff that he has and can command it the way that he does, I think, is probably what sets him apart the most. You know, there’s a lot of guys in this league that throw 90-100 [mph], but he pitches with it, and it’s relentless, and it’s every single pitch.” -Merrill Kelly [MLB]

My man said ‘I gave up THE hit’.

“I would have wanted to stay out there, but it was something that we had discussed before. I guess when I gave up the hit, it made the decision a little easier.” -Jacob deGrom [MLB]

Video Game Character. 170 wRC+.

“I’m trying to be the best hitter, as well. I don’t want to be an easy out up there.” -Jacob deGrom [MLB]

Nature is healing. (TWIMQ absolutely does not condone entitled, bad fan behavior.)

“Getting booed sucks man. It’s not fun. It’s a lonely feeling, especially when it’s your home crowd.” -Francisco Lindor [Twitter]

Go fuck yourself.

“Pretty sure that’s the same du-rag that Tom Seaver used to wear when he pitched for the Mets.” -Bob Brenly, speaking about Marcus Stroman [New York Daily News]

We love ‘the bats that guys are taking’.

“The offense has changed. It’s good to see the guys get double-digit hits up on the board, it’s good to see some of these swings that the guys are taking, some of the bats that the guys are taking.” -Luis Rojas [The Athletic]

This quote matches perfectly with Ben Clemens’ FanGraphs blog that Lindor swing is just a little off and not a mess.

“I’m finally getting the barrel to the baseball. I feel confident I can hit any pitch right now. I’m hitting the pitches that I’m supposed to hit hard now, or fouling them off correctly. Right now, I’m in a good spot.” -Francisco Lindor [The Athletic]

Rojas’ advice to Lindor.

“The No. 1 thing I’m seeing more now is he’s using the big part of the field. It gave him that trust that you can stay longer on the pitch and he doesn’t necessarily have to try to catch the ball too far up front to pull it to generate power. Now it’s translating to the next game, to the next at-bat.” -Luis Rojas [The Athletic]

Checks out.

“I just felt like myself. I’m at my best when I feel like Pete.” -Pete Alonso [The Athletic]

This is what I tell my wife after I make a good grilled cheese for our son.

“It’s just getting back to the things that I do well, sticking to my approach and just trying to put a good swing on it. I’m not trying to do too much.” -James McCann [The Athletic]

Feels good to have him back.

“I felt great, been building up to this since February, so exciting to get back out there and help the team win. But more importantly, I felt really good out there.” -Seth Lugo [MLB]

If he was hitting a little better, the fans/media would be swooning.

“We are the group that started the season but everybody else that comes in to play, it’s all about giving quality at-bats and being a good team player, and then letting the guy behind you have that big moment.” -Francisco Lindor [MLB]

Lots of interesting quotes from the Pillar family dealing with a scary moment.

“I was sick to my stomach and I felt that I was gonna throw up.” -Wendy Pillar, Kevin Pillar’s Mother [New York Post]

“Probably the worst, what can I say, spectacle I’ve ever seen of someone bleeding that much,” said his father, Mike. “I watch a lot of UFC and boxing. I don’t know if I’ve ever seen so much blood pouring out like that on anybody. I was kinda like, ‘Oh my God, I hope his whole face isn’t shattered.’” -Mike Pillar, Kevin Pillar’s Father [New York Post]

I still trust this bullpen.

“[Edwin Diaz] just lost the command, but he’s who we went to. He’s a guy that’s been high leverage for us that we trust. The situation there after using Díaz, gets us out of the inning, and we felt that May could have helped us to close the deal there.” -Luis Rojas [MLB]

“These stretches happen pretty much once a year, and it’s trying to adjust and change your game plan based on what the guys in the box are showing you,” May said. “These guys prepare for you in a certain way, you get in patterns and then you’ve got to get out of those patterns and get back to what makes you good.” -Trevor May [MLB]

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