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Join us for a Mets first-half recap on Spotify Greenroom at 6pm ET

Come chat about the team at the All-Star Break.

The Mets wrapped up their first half with a disappointing blown save yesterday against the Pirates. Despite the series split, the Mets are still seven games over .500, and have a three and a half game lead in the National League East. It’s been a wild first half, full of injuries, unlikely heroes, and some damn exciting baseball,

And so, we are celebrating the All-Star Break by doing a nice catch-up on the first 87 games of the Mets’ season tonight on Spotify Greenroom. In the past, you may have seen us hosting chats about the Mets on an app called Locker Room. The app has been rebranded as Spotify Greenroom, but the idea is still the same: one part AOL chat room, one part sports talk radio.

So, join us at 6pm for the discussion! We’ll be tweeting out a link when it goes live, as well as posting it here. We hope to see - and hear - you then!