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Mets to wear black jerseys on July 30 and remaining Friday night home games

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The team announced the return of the black jerseys today.

New York Mets Photo by Focus on Sport/Getty Images

Earlier today, the Mets announced that the team will bring back its black jerseys beginning on Friday, July 30 at Citi Field. And it will wear the jerseys for Friday night home games for the remainder of the regular season. There’s also a video hyping the jerseys that the Mets tweeted.

Per the team’s press release, the Mets first introduced the black jerseys in 1998 and last wore a home black jersey July 21, 2012. Here’s the full list of games in which they will be worn this year:

As far as baseball uniforms go, this one has been fairly divisive among Mets fans, with supporters of the jersey being ecstatic about its return and detractors having enjoyed the near-decade of its absence from Mets games.