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Final score: Mets 7, Pirates 6—How Conforto got his groove back

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The Mets didn’t get swept!

MLB: New York Mets at Pittsburgh Pirates Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports

The first inning was the story of today’s game, as all of the Pirates offense came in that bottom half of the first. Taijuan Walker, fresh off his All-Star game appearance, didn’t have it today, only able to get one out in the top of the first before being pulled after six runs crossed the plate. Walker wasn’t helped by an absolutely bizarre play where, with the bases loaded, a ball in foul ground was called fair after it just barely touched the foul line, and the call was made as Walker swept it towards the dugout. In the confusion before the ball was corralled back to the field of play three runs crossed the plate on that play alone.The rest of the pitching staff in the game today stepped up their game to keep the Mets in it, with no one else giving up a run.

The Mets offense, somehow, dug themselves out of the hole. Dom Smith drove in two runs over the course of the game. A majority of their offense came in the fourth inning, a Travis Blankenhorn three run home run that put the Mets within striking distance, the first of his career. Michael Conforto pulled off some heroics in the top of the ninth with a two-run home run to put the Mets up by a run. And Trevor May closed down the bottom of the ninth to give the Mets their first win in the second half of the season. They travel to Cincinnati tomorrow to start a three game series with the Reds.

Full recap to follow.

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