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Final score: Mets 7, Reds 0—BREAKING: Starting pitchers allowed to pitch deep into games

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Marcus Stroman provided the clutch performance the Mets desperately needed as the team wins the series against the Reds.

MLB: New York Mets at Cincinnati Reds David Kohl-USA TODAY Sports

After three straight games in which the Mets’ bullpen was brutally overworked, the team finally got a quality start from its starting pitcher while also mashing a few home runs, leading to a 7-0 victory to take the series from the Cincinnati Reds.

Marcus Stroman has struggled over his past few starts, but he looked as good as he’s looked in any game this season today. He allowed just three baserunners all day—a hit-by-pitch on his first pitch of the day, a leadoff single in the third, and a two-out walk in the seventh. Beyond that, he shut the Reds down, generating weak contact while striking out seven through eight innings. While he was only at 90 pitches after eight and could conceivably have gone for the complete game shutout, Jeurys Familia instead came on to finish the game off. Nevertheless, the Amazins desperately needed to give most of its relievers a rest today, and Stroman’s clutch performance allowed them to do just that.

Meanwhile, the Mets offense scored all of their runs today via the long ball. The team first took the lead in the second inning with a solo shot by Jonathan Villar in the second. One inning later, the Amazins got things started with three straight singles to lead off the frame before Dominic Smith cracked a grand slam to put them up 5-0. Two innings later, Luis Guillorme of all people got in on the fun with his first dinger of the season, a 2-run shot to leave the score at 7-0, where it would remain for the rest of the game. All told, it was the rare day where both the offense and the pitching showed up to play for the Mets.

Full recap to follow.

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