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Final score: Blue Jays 10, Mets 3 - A game best forgotten

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Bad pitching, unlucky sequencing, hard luck outs, and an injury - just one of those games.

Toronto Blue Jays v New York Mets Photo by Adam Hunger/Getty Images

In a game you were better off not watching, the Mets fell 10-3 to the Toronto Blue Jays. Taijuan Walker was bad and got hurt, the bullpen wasn’t much better, and the balls kept finding their ways into Blue Jays fielders’ gloves at inopportune times. These sorts of games happen every so often, not that it makes them any less frustrating in the moment.

As of right now, Walker’s injury doesn’t appear to be anything disastrous - he stayed in the game after a visit from the trainer. However, this was his second horrible outing, a stress a very thin Met pitching staff can ill afford at the moment. As for the bullpen, none of Miguel Castro, Drew Smith, or Anthony Banda looked particularly good, though Yennsy Diaz continues to show some promise. Expect more roster moves as the Mets keep shuffling the pitching depth amid continued setbacks.

The loss drops the Mets to 51-44 on the season. Rich Hill will make his first start as a Met tomorrow as they look to bounce back.

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Nice job by MetsFan4Decades; her effort in the GameThread embiggens us all.