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This Week in Mets Quotes: Luis Rojas trusts Edwin Diaz, deGrom is improving

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Lots of interesting, funny, idiotic, and insightful things were said by the Mets—and about them—recently. Here are some of our favorites.

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Your 2021 New York Mets: We’re a good ballclub.

“It’s not going to get us down. We’re going to come up tomorrow and we’re going to play a good, hard game and try to take something away from this series and keep moving forward. We got a lot of baseball left and one loss doesn’t define the team. We’re a good ballclub and we’re going to show up tomorrow.” -Seth Lugo [MLB]

Frustrating as they can be, it’s been a fun team to root for.

“There’s a lot of words that come to mind, but the first phrase is just the resistance that this team shows. The persistent fight, the never-give-in mentality … it’s a full-team, persistent drive to continue until the very last pitch of the game.” -James McCann [MLB]

Luis Rojas believes Edwin Diaz.

“This is a guy that has electric stuff. His command sometimes can [fluctuate] like this, especially after five days without throwing. But we’re always looking for him to find himself back, and we thought he was doing it, coming back into the two-out bases-loaded [situation] against Stallings, but you know, the ball sailed into his barrel.” -Luis Rojas [MLB]

Gary DiSarcina’s eloquently frames Luis Guillermo’s feelings for having a three error game.

“There’s not much anybody can say to you. You feel like shit.” -Gary DiSarcina [NJ]

Conforto’s agent is also waiting for the free agent to be ‘to catch fire’.

“From the TV angle, [Conforto] missed some pitches, and he was a little late on some fastballs throughout the game. For him to make the adjustment in that last at-bat against a really good closer ... it just says a lot about Michael. And he’s one of the guys that we’re waiting to catch fire, because he’s a guy that can help our offense even more.” -Luis Rojas [MLB]

Three home runs against minor leaguers, nothing to worry about.

“Three home runs, [Carlos Carrasco] was off with his command but stuff-wise he’s the same since he’s been throwing the ball and we’ve had our reads behind catchers. No concern there as far as where the stuff is.” -Luis Rojas [New York Post]

This is fine.

“[Jacob deGrom] is improving. Right now, he’s not throwing today. We’ll reassess about the throwing part maybe tomorrow. But he’s improving. The tightness has diminished. The range of motion is a little better.” -Luis Rojas [New York Daily News]


“When I get an opportunity to bang, I’ll bang.” -J.D. Davis [New York Post]

Luis sticks with his bit that J.D. is going to going to spend time more than a look at someplace other than third.

“J.D. is gonna come in and be a part of the mix and his versatility will serve him well. Everyone here is an everyday player. Everyone here should be ready to play.” -Luis Rojas [New York Post]

‘I’m J.D. Davis and I bat third’.

“It is what it is. Your stats don’t really matter if you win games. … I’m always here for the team. The most important thing is to win ball games anyway I can. For the most part, the role that I can do, or I can control, is be a good teammate, and bring the energy, and continue to work at-bats and find a way to win games.” -J.D. Davis [New York Post]

Stroman vs Some Jabroni with 73 career ABs.

“If I have any emotion, it’s towards our dugout. It’s never at the other team’s, it’s never at any other players and they know that. So for him to come and be like that in that situation, I think it’s completely uncalled for.” -Marcus Stroman [MLB]

“That’s a big spot in the game… He was fired up for his team to get that out. So, you know, you’ve got two competitive guys out there, stands full, it gets a little heated sometimes. But shoot, that’s why we love it.” -John Nogowski [MLB]

and another thing: im not mad. please dont put in the newspaper that i got mad

“I don’t even remember. Were we talking? I don’t know. I’ve got some friends over there that I was probably laughing with.” -John Nogowski [MLB]


“I was just wondering why he was running away. That was it.” -Marcus Stroman [MLB]

Amazing story of how Gary Thorne made his return to the Mets broadcast.

“They called me. They told me they had a couple series they needed to cover and would I be interested in doing it. I said, “Sure.” That was it.” -Gary Thorne [The Athletic]

Mets Tweet of the Week

SiteBot FacePalm of the Week

“Meh Stro can rub people the wrong way. There are a lot of Met fans that weren’t happy about his accepting the QO and it wasn’t about his pitching ability.” -frank73535

AA Quote of the Week

“Fangraphs has a post draft updated top 100 rankings Mets have… Alvarez #7, Baty #18, Mauricio #31, Allan #66, Rocker #95” -newyorksportsfan