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The Mets need starting pitching


San Diego Padres v New York Mets Photo by Jim McIsaac/Getty Images

Tonight, the Mets rolled out Jerad Eickhoff for another start, having already designated him for assignment twice this year. The results were worse than any of his previous starts, which were not good to begin with. The trade deadline is just two-and-a-half days away, at the time of this writing, and the Mets need starting pitching.

The Mets have tried their best to send a message that they have plenty of starting pitching over the past couple of days, too. They said that Jacob deGrom will make a rehab start for Syracuse sometime next week. They said that Carlos Carrasco is tentatively slated to start their game on Friday night at Citi Field. And they made sure to have Noah Syndergaard throw off the mound at their ballpark while reporters were there to see it.

The good starting pitchers are all coming back soon, you see? Everything is fine.

Maybe there’s a trade or two in the works to bolster the rotation. But until the Mets have five major league starting pitchers take a complete turn through the rotation for a first time, the team needs starting pitching. And they’ll need to have pitchers of that caliber pitching on an everyday basis from now until the end of the season, too, to win a division that they have led for a long time now but don’t lead by all that many games.