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Final score: Mets 10, Yankees 5 — Jose Peraza’s Met Moment

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Aroldis Chapman allowed the Mets to snatch victory from the jaws of defeat, as the Mets pull out a wonderful comeback to take game one of the doubleheader

New York Mets v New York Yankees - Game One Photo by Steven Ryan/Getty Images

The Mets and the Yankees had an entertaining back to back game, as both teams jumped on ineffective starters to begin and the Mets got to the Yankees bullpen late.

Neither Marcus Stroman or the Spider Tack-less Gerrit Cole saw much success, with the former limping through five innings and surrendering all five Yankees runs, as the Mets likely wanted to get as many innings out of him with an uneven rotation behind him. Cole struck out six in 3.1 innings, but struggled outside of that, surrendering four runs in his short start.

The Yankees bullpen was mostly good, until the seventh inning, when the struggling Aroldis Chapman surrendered a leadoff, game tying solo home run to Pete Alonso. He exited after hitting Michael Conforto and walking Jeff McNeil, and a pinch hitting Kevin Pillar fisted a single off of Lucas Luetge. Jose Peraza came off the bench and hit a ball that ended up in, you guessed it, fan interference (!!!) that plated two runs, making it 7-5. A Brandon Nimmo single made it 9-5 Mets. Francisco Lindor put an exclamation point on the rally with an RBI single, making it 10-5.

Seth Lugo proceeded to show the Yankees relievers how to end a game, going one, two, three for the win.

Full recap to follow.

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