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Final Score: Rain 1, Mets 0, Brewers 0—A rain delay timeline

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In extremely 2021 Mets fashion, the Mets got rained out, and the author of the recap that wasn’t was kinda strung along and wrote about the experience.

Philadelphia Phillies v New York Mets Photo by Sarah Stier/Getty Images

At this point, it’s a minor miracle the Mets play any nine-inning games at all.

The Mets were rained out yet again, this time against the Brewers, making it roughly ten billion (read: nine) doubleheaders for our wonderful Mets. It is frustrating, and really not good for the bullpen and general health of the players involved, but because Citi Field was born without a retractable roof over her head, we simply have to suffer the consequences of Mother Nature. It’s not great, but it is what it unfortunately is.

Perhaps you’d want to know what a little ol’ recapper does during these rain delay and subsequent postponements, and frankly, it is not much.

The day was jam packed for me here at Amazin’ Avenue, as I was on the recap for this game and recording the From Complex To Queens draft special—subscribe wherever you get your podcasts!—so the rain delay actually ended up feeling like a blessing at first. Especially when Steve Cohen tweeted this:

“Great!” I thought; I had time to do the entire podcast and the game would start right after. Easy peasy.

It was not either easy, nor was it peasy.

In between eating dinner, grinding up my ballplayer in MLB The Show 21’s Road to the Show—though I’ll probably never use him on my Diamond Dynasty team, I just kind of want the option—and watching a few episodes of the hit mockumentary sitcom Modern Family, I did what any rational recapper would do: slapped on Steve Cohen’s Twitter notifications to get them put directly in my notification center and waited for his inevitable “game starting in 10 minutes!” tweet.

That tweet, as you know when you read this, never came.

Did turning on his Twitter notifications, get me off of the social media platform? Absolutely not. So I did a lot of scrolling as well.

There were a lot of updates. It stopped and started to rain, and stopped and started to rain. They played the Nintendo 64 classic Ken Griffey Jr. Baseball on the jumbotron. The Mets won, Al Leiter shoved, Tim Britton was on it. Cohen tweeted some more.

Like a fool, I believed that this would actually be played, and deGrom would pitch deep into the early morn in Queens. It would be a Mets classic we watch during rain delays in 2026, and a game we remember as “the time the Mets did not postpone a game for some reason and finished it at 2 am.” It had all the makings of a fun game to tweet about and talk about with friends, a footnote in a Cy Young season for the best pitcher in baseball. Keith Hernandez hitting for the cycle at like 3 a.m. or whatever type stuff. I had coffee. It was gonna be great.

Then, scary hours set in:

At around this point is when the hope, like the Mets offense in June, stopped rallying and the “oh no another doubleheader” and “oh no, I will watch the sun rise as I write about the New York Mets. I will publish the recap at 5 am. Where have I gone wrong?” worries simultaneously hit. It was a roller coaster, to say the least.

Could they start a game at 11 pm? I asked. Midnight eastern standard time, even?

What would the Mets offense look like after being cooped up in a locker room all day and night?

Does Donnie Stevenson have a waterproof crop top for occasions such as this?


So you know, the important questions.

And shortly thereafter, the dreams were dashed:

Bam. The rain hates the Mets, their fans, and Jacob deGrom specifically. It’s confirmed. It was pretty predicable, but a noted bummer nonetheless.

It was not all bad, though. Brett Baty and Francisco Álvarez hit big, beautiful taters for Brooklyn. The Barves walked in the winning run against the literal Pittsburgh Pirates, dropping two in a row to the lowly Buccos. (Saucy language warning) The Cubs fans got Bryce Harper mad as heck, and I watched that video of Shohei Ohtani breaking a dome in Japan; he also shoved in his start, which is fun.

Because of the rain I get to recap probably a top three to top five pitching match up at 2 pm, when Jacob deGrom toes the rubber against Corbin Burnes, as the Mets look to continue the normalest season a normal team has ever had, normally.

Oh, by the way, they’re in first place and have been for two months.

*illar of the game

Kevin Pour-illar [two men in suits come to tell me to wrap this charade up]

Big Mets winner: The rain 0% WPA
Big Mets loser: Also the rain 0% WPA
Mets pitchers: 0% WPA (due to rain)
Mets hitters: 0% WPA (because of rain)
Teh aw3s0mest play: When it almost stopped raining
Teh sux0rest play: When it did not stop raining