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Final score: Reds 7, Mets 1—At least they weren’t no hit

The Mets’ bats stay practically silent as they lose the game and series to the Reds.

MLB: Cincinnati Reds at New York Mets Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports

The Mets came into today’s rubber match looking to get another win over the Reds, win the season series against them and create some momentum going into two road series against divisional rivals. That plan went awry when the Mets were unable to actually get hits and score runs, an integral part of any baseball game.

Marcus Stroman looked good through his first five innings, giving up only one run on a Max Schrock home run. But things took a turn in the sixth inning, when a couple of well placed hits and a series of walks from both Stroman and Miguel Castro created three more runs. The rest of the bullpen held it together to keep the Mets in the game, until the top of the ninth when Geoff Hartlieb gave up three runs to put the Mets even deeper in the hole.

The offense on the other hand left a lot to be desired. They managed only one measly run on a Jeff McNeil solo home run, and other than that only got two other hits, a weak showing against a pitcher they had tagged for six runs less than two weeks earlier. The Mets now head to Miami to face the Marlins, and after that they go to Philadelphia to play the Phillies, who are right behind them in the National League East standings.

Full recap to follow.

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