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A Pod of Their Own, Episode 97: “I have the bread in the toaster”

Are the Mets toast? We discuss this question, the gross potential partnership between MLB and Barstool, and more on the show this week.

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Welcome back to A Pod of Their Own, a show by the women of Amazin’ Avenue where we talk all things Mets, social justice issues in baseball, and normalize female voices in the sports podcasting space.

This week, we begin by discussing the Mets’ horrible slide from first place in the NL East to third place, culminating with Zack Scott’s press conference in which he threw his players under the bus. We discuss why “accountability” is something that seems to only apply to players and not management.

Next, we talk about MLB’s possible partnership with Barstool and how alienating it would be for a large portion of the fanbase.

We also shout out Brittany Ghrioli’s article in The Athletic about the conditions minor league players are dealing with—an issue we are glad is getting more national media attention. Since being called out on this issue, the Mets have made nominal improvements, but it isn’t enough.

We also ask our listeners to sign the International Women’s Baseball Center’s petition to bring the IWBC to Rockford, IL, which would help them build an activity center for local kids, have baseball-centered education for students of all ages, preserve of this historic ticket booth in Rockford, and more. Please also give a small donation if you can; they do really great work.

Finally, we wrap things up with Walk-off Wins, where each of us talks about what’s making us happy this week, baseball-related or otherwise.

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