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-illar of the Day, Games 108-114

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Jonathan is pulling away, and Kevin can’t do anything about it.

New York Mets v Philadelphia Phillies Photo by Rich Schultz/Getty Images

During the 2020/2021 offseason, the Mets made an unprecedented move: they signed two players whose last name ends with -illar, Jonathan Villar and Kevin Pillar. While the names are pronounced differently (Vi-yar versus Pill-ar), the two bench pieces starters sometimes starters for the Mets have contributed a fair amount to their early success already.

Inspired by our own Maggie Wiggin on Twitter, we will declare an “-illar of the Day,” celebrating which player had a more productive (or less destructive) day for the Mets.

The less said about this week, well, at least until the Nats series, the better.

Game 108: Mets at Marlins

Despite the Mets being reasonably hopeless in Miami, Jonathan Villar continues to hit, picking up two hits, one of which (temporarily) tied the game.

-illar of the Day: Jonathan Villar

Game 109: Mets at Phillies

MLB: AUG 06 Mets at Phillies Photo by John Jones/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

Home runs are never not appreciated, even in sad losses. Jonathan provided a dinger today, so he gets the nod.

-illar of the Day: Jonathan Villar

Game 110: Mets at Phillies

Remember what I said about home runs? Well, back to back to back home runs are really never not appreciated, and JV found himself in the middle of that dinger sandwich. It isn’t his fault his teammates couldn’t pick up the slack; he did his job!

-illar of the Day: Jonathan Villar

Game 111: Mets at Phillies

Robin Williams In ‘Mrs. Doubtfire’ Photo by 20th Century-Fox/Getty Images

A complete game shutout by former Met/spurned free agent Zack Wheeler hurts worse than the other losses this week, and neither -illar did squat to boot.

-illar of the Day: This has been the roughest stretch of the season for the Mets. They need something to make them happy. What could be happier than a film that probably could, rightly, never get made in 2021, Mrs. Doubtfire! The 1993 classic sees Robin Williams play sad-sack divorcé and British-nanny portraying Daniel Hillard!

Game 112: Nationals at Mets

Jonathan continues to put himself in the middle of the action, with both a hit and a bunt in this game.

-illar of the Day: Jonathan Villar

Game 113: Nationals at Mets

A single and a run scored ain’t nothing to sneeze at.

-illar of the Day: Jonathan Villar

Game 114: Nationals at Mets

Washington Nationals v New York Mets: Game Two Photo by Adam Hunger/Getty Images

Twice during the broadcast of Game 2 of this double header, Ron Darling wondered aloud, “Where would the Mets be without Jonathan Villar?” Three hits, including a 2-run home run that should’ve been insurance but wound up be critical, makes this another easy win.

-illar of the Day: Jonathan Villar

The Tally So Far:

Jonathan Villar: 42 wins, 5 ties

Kevin Pillar: 23 wins, 5 ties

Other -illars: 20

Kevin Pillar isn’t playing very much right now, relegated to pinch hitting appearances and late game defensive replacement status. But Villar, due to injuries and positional versatility, has wound up playing a ton, especially since both Francisco Lindor and Javier Baez are on the shelf right now. Until the playing time is more equal, Jonathan Virtual Reality is going to run away with this thing.