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UnforMETable, Episode 65: Philip Humber

The Mets’ first round draft pick in 2004 had one fateful start for the team in the heat of 2007 pennant race

Welcome to UnforMETable, an Amazin’ Avenue Audio show that looks back on less heralded, more obscure Mets players from the past.

Philip Humber was drafted third overall by the Mets in 2004 with great hope—one pick after the Tigers selected Justin Verlander.

Humber would suffer through arm problems before suddenly getting thrust into a key game pennant race in 2007, as the Mets’ once commanding division leaf began to evaporate.

While his Mets career would end after that start, as he was traded for Johan Santana, he would go on hurl a Perfect Game in one of his 16 career MLB wins--and his only ever complete game.

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