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Final score: Giants 3, Mets 2—Under .500

The Mets lost their fifth game in a row.

New York Mets v San Francisco Giants Photo by Thearon W. Henderson/Getty Images

For the fifth time in as many days, the Mets lost a baseball game. In this case, they were beaten 3-2 by the Giants in another frustrating loss.

Marcus Stroman got the start for the Mets and gave up a two-run home run to Tommy La Stella in the bottom of the first. He settled in nicely after that, but he served up a solo shot to Evan Longoria in the bottom of the seventh, too.

The latter home run turned out to be the difference in the game. While the Mets’ offense was silent and useless for the first seven innings of the game, Pete Alonso made things interesting with a two-run home run in the top of the eighth. But the Mets’ offense returned to being silent and useless after that, securing the loss in the process.

Full recap to follow.

GameThread Roll Call

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