Things I Think About the Mets 8/2 (State of the Team, Future, Rocker)

1. The Mets are not a terrible team by any means. They have been plagued by injuries, forced into action a ton of guys who should never see a 40 man roster, and in that respect have done remarkably well.

2. The Offensive Ineptitude, especially by core members (Conforto, Davis, McNeil) is unacceptable. Are Chili Davis and Hugh Quattlebaum the issues? No, that falls on the players. The plate discipline isnt there and this team needs to execute with RISP. Conforto also does not deserve to be an everyday starter until he gets out of his own head.

3. The pitching, injuries and all, is average and desperately needed a boost at the deadline. The Phillies got Ian Kennedy and Kyle Gibson for next to nothing. The Cubs dealt Ryan Tepera for a #23 ranked pitching prospect. I get not mortgaging the farm and I think it's great we kept our future in tact but we missed opportunities to get better. You're not competing with the NL West Juggernauts without deeper pens.

4. Regarding the Kumar Rocker situation, I, like many of you, was furious when I thought this was about the Mets being cheap. However, after reading the reports and statements released I think the issue is far more severe than Rocker needing TJS (which the Mets have proven they dont care about and will pay a pitcher anyway). If the Mets truly left Rocker's medical with no plans to even offer a contract, that tells me Rocker most likely has a "time bomb condition" as I call it...either a malformation in the arm (Brady Aiken had a similar condition, zero issues in college, never made it above High A) or a degenerative condition (meaning right now Rocker is healthy [as Boras said]...but for how long?) Both conditions explain his drastic drop in velocity and I think it'll be obvious 2-3 years down the line when Rocker's fastball sits in the high-80s and/or he is unable to stay healthy. Either way I would put money on Rocker never seeing an MLB roster.

5. I think the Mets are trending in the right direction overall. They're FAR more competitive than they were last year, the prospects are shaping up beautifully (Alvarez, Mauricio, Baty, Allan, Ginn, Vientos), Steve Cohen is NOT the Wilpons. Are they World Series-caliber? Probably not as they've been more lucky than good at times ans cant seem to not shoot themselves in the foot...HOWEVER, I truly believe the Mets are 1-2 years away from being a WORLD SERIES-CALIBER team, they just need to put the pieces together.


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