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UnforMETable, Episode 63: Eric Valent

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The former first round draft pick had a solid 2004 with the Mets—highlighted by his hitting for the cycle.

Welcome to UnforMETable, an Amazin’ Avenue Audio show that looks back on less heralded, more obscure Mets players from the past.

A college star at UCLA, Eric Valent was a supplemental first round draft pick for the Phillies in 1998 who seemed to have a bright future. However, his progress through the minor leagues seemed to stall at AAA.

Acquired by the Mets as a minor league free agent prior to the 2004 season, Valent had an impressive season—culminating in his signature game in New York—a July 29 game in Montreal in which Valent would become (at the time) the eighth Met in franchise history to hit for the cycle.

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