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UnforMETable, Episode 67: Randy Milligan

Milligan left the Mets after three games in 1987 and went on to an underrated MLB career—and a notable career in scouting.

Welcome to UnforMETable, an Amazin’ Avenue Audio show that looks back on less heralded, more obscure Mets players from the past.

Randy Milligan spent parts of seven seasons working his way up through the Mets minor league system. Buried on the depth chart behind the powerful, star-studded 1980s Mets, Milligan had an MVP season in AAA Tidewater and was a personal favorite of a very young Norfolk child named David Wright.

Milligan would go on to have a solid and unappreciated MLB career, toiling mostly for some poor teams and flashing one particular skill—an incredible batting eye—that wasn’t quite as appreciated in the pre-Moneyball era.

Milligan would make his most important contribution to the Mets’ organization after his playing days were over, as his path would intersect again with Wright when Milligan became the scout to help sign Wright for the Mets.

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