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Final Score: Cardinals 11, Mets 4 — For the Birds

Though it feels like the 25th time the season has been over, it might be for real this time.

MLB: St. Louis Cardinals at New York Mets Vincent Carchietta-USA TODAY Sports

In life, there cannot be hopes to dash if they never truly have a chance to live in the first place. With the Cardinals scoring five runs in the first inning of their 11-4 victory over the Mets, it’s safe to say that hope never really stood a chance.

Tylor Megill was the firs pitcher of the game and the one who was labeled the loser, though a lot of guys could qualify for the honorary title. Seven of the nine batters he faced in the first inning reached base, five of them scored, and one struck out. Granted, the strikeout was the opposing pitcher, but, you know, little victories. As for the rest of the hurlers, just blurt out any random name in the bullpen that isn’t Loup, Familia or Diaz, and you’ll be correct.

The hitters actually hit modestly well, but when you only score four runs total and the opponent scores five in their first time up, it doesn’t feel as exciting. The Mets tallied 11 hits with home runs from Pete Alonso and Kevin Pillar being the main attractions and bringing home two of their four runs.

If there is any bright side in watching another loss from this 72-75 ballclub, it’s that there are only 15 more games to go.

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