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UnforMETable, Episode 68: Mike Scott

Before he almost dashed the Mets’ hopes in 1986 as an opponent, he dashed the team’s hopes in him as a frustrating prospect.

Welcome to UnforMETable, an Amazin’ Avenue Audio show that looks back on less heralded, more obscure Mets players from the past.

The Mets drafted Mike Scott in the second round of the 1976 draft, hoping the hard-throwing right-hander would develop into a future pitching star. Unfortunately, Scott never developed a secondary pitch and his Mets career would fizzle out.

After some mixed success in his first couple of years in Houston, Scott would learn how to throw the split-fingered fastball from Roger Craig. With this new pitch—or perhaps some illegal doctoring of the ball—Scott would find sudden and massive success. And would make himself the biggest potential obstacle in his former team’s dramatic and treacherous path to the 1986 World Championship.

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