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Final Score: Phillies 5, Mets 3 - Not frustrating, just depressing

The Mets put up an uninspired performance against the Phillies as they slipped further behind in the standings.

Philadelphia Phillies v New York Mets Photo by Mike Stobe/Getty Images

As their lost season limps to a close, the Mets dropped another game against the Phillies, falling 5-3. Carlos Carrasco made a solid start, but Met killer Jean Segura tagged him for two solo home runs. A questionable decision to bring in Brad Hand in the seventh gave the Phillies all they needed to stretch their lead to a comfortable margin, and the Mets were unable to put any serious rallies together.

Usually, we’d look for a bright spot or notable takeaway here, but there really isn’t one. The Mets lost ground in both the division and wild card races and didn’t look particularly good in any phase of the game. Brandon Nimmo made a nice diving catch and hit a home run? Carlos Carrasco looks like a viable member of the rotation for next season? The Mets didn’t tease us by rallying back to make it close before ultimately losing by one run anyway? Truly scraping the bottom of the barrel here in the search for a silver lining.

Philadelphia will be in town for one more game tomorrow, with trade deadline acquisitions taking the mound for both teams (Kyle Gibson and Rich Hill). Tune in if you enjoy watching disappointing teams play out the string I guess.

Full recap to follow.

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