Taking you into the weekend.

Top three people to light a joint with/grab a cold one/whatever you guilty pleasure you fancy…

Einstein. Elon Musk. Pick a family member (family comes first right?)

Imagine if Einstein was smoking a joint with Elon Musk. Now imagine their creative juices coming together over a smooth chocolatey Guinness and building a beautiful time machine together to whisk the Mets back to the offseason of 2020. Imagine the do over we would have had.

Do what the Canadians do. In this rare case, our neighbors got it. Namely, the Blue Jays. How much better would have it been if we swapped out Lindor for Marcus Semien? Springer? Robbie Ray for Joey Lucchesi? Semien has regained his 2019 form where he posted a 8.4 WAR and has swatted 33 HRs and 34 2Bs with still a quarter left of the season to play. All this, while switching positions, deferring to Bo Bichette and being one of the clubhouse leaders for a young and upcoming team. No rats and racoons jokes, no thumb downs, us against the fans nonsense.

Springer, even in his injury plagued season, has put the same power numbers (16 home runs) as Dominic Smith (11 home runs) and Michael Conforto (10 home runs) combined in over a full season less of games played (223 vs. 52).

The Blue Jays signed Ray to a 1 year deal of $8 million while the Mets traded away a top 30 catching prospect to sign Joey Lucchesi, who eventually got TJ surgery, and spent an extra $32 million over the next 4 years to sign James McCann. In a roundabout way, that sounds right. Now with DeGrom already out for 2 months, Syndergaard’s set back with TJ, Carrasco making his debut after the all star break, and signing Trevor Williams, wouldn’t it have been nice to pencil Ray along side Stroman and Walker? Maybe we would have been miles back of the Braves by the end of August, but it the drop would have been less precipitous at the very least.

Ok, even if you don’t have a soft spot for Canada and are deeply Red, White, and Blue, how about if we had taken the money spent on Jose Peraza, Albert Almora Jr., Sam McWilliams, or some other minor leaguer who will never see and had signed Adam Duvall, hell, even Joc Pederson. Instead Adam Duvall has hit over 30 home runs for the Braves, Joc Pederson has filled in admirably with his own 16 home runs (BTW, Dominic Smith and Brandon Nimmo have also hit a combined 16 home runs).

Instead of all these tweaks, we are left numbing the pain with guilty pleasure over players performing to career lows, endless sexual harassment throughout the front office, drunken driving, and bed time stories of rats and racoons. Only the Mets.

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