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Mets say Jacob deGrom had UCL sprain that has healed

There’s finally an update on deGrom’s elbow issue.

San Francisco Giants v New York Mets Photo by Jim McIsaac/Getty Images

Speaking to reporters on the field in Miami before the Mets’ series opener this evening, team president Sandy Alderson said that Jacob deGrom had a UCL sprain that was causing his elbow discomfort and that the ligament looks like it has since healed.

When he was fully healthy earlier in the year, deGrom was unquestionably the best pitcher in baseball, as he had a 1.08 ERA in 92.0 innings over the course of fifteen starts. But he dealt with a bunch of minor injuries in various parts of his right side in the process, and the elbow discomfort forced him to the injured list shortly after the All-Star break.

Since then, there hadn’t been much of the way of details on deGrom’s elbow. The Mets had said MRIs on the elbow were clean all along, but the update seems to contradict those accounts. Per Tim Healey, Alderson addressed the situation by saying, “Somebody goes out with a headline that it’s a partial tear, that’s what a bruise is. A bruise is a partial tear of the muscle, OK? So let’s not go out there and write as if this is anything new. It’s not. It’s a very low-grade thing that has resolved itself.”