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Final Score: Mets 9, Marlins 4 — No one said it had to be pretty

The Mets and Marlins played an ugly, ugly baseball game tonight, but the win counts just the same for the Mets.

New York Mets v Miami Marlins Photo by Bryan Cereijo/Getty Images

Not all games are works of art, and this one certainly did not qualify as one, with the teams combining for six errors and seven unearned runs. Regardless of that, it counts as a win all the same, with the Mets ousting the Marlins 8-4.

Neither starter had their best stuff, notably the highly touted Edward Cabrera surrendering four runs to the Mets in just 2.1 innings. He only allowed one hit (a towering two run home run by Pete Alonso, his 100th of his career), but he walked four, hit two, and generally struggled to do anything effective on the mound.

Carlos Carrasco was mostly unlucky, surrendering three unearned runs (and one earned), but he also got hit a tad hard outside of the errors. It was an up and down game for him, though it ended up being his first win in the orange and blue.

The teams battled in the first three innings, with the Mets taking 2-0 and 4-2 leads, only for the Marlins to come back and tie the game twice. The Mets, however, took control in the sixth inning, scoring three, two of which off a nice opposite field single from Francisco Lindor. J.D. Davis added an pinch hit RBI double to make it 8-4 in the eighth. Alonso added his second huge homer of the night in the ninth, making it 9-4.

The Mets bullpen pitched a shutout, with Aaron Loup throwing a perfect sixth, Trevor May working around two hits apiece to throw scoreless seventh and eighth innings respectively, and Miguel Castro tossing a clean ninth to close the door.

Full recap to follow.

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