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From Complex To Queens, Episode 149: Metsy Listmas!

And so, I’m offering this simple phrase to prospects from one to ninety-two. Although it’s been said many times, many ways, “Metsy Listmas to you!”

From Complex to Queens Logo

Welcome to From Complex to Queens, the Amazin’ Avenue podcast focusing on the Mets’ minor league system.

In Promote, Extend, Trade, Steve, Lukas, Ken, and Thomas discuss who they’d want on their team between three very talented players who were all born on this date (two in the same year!).

Next, the team discusses some international free agency news.

After that, with the Amazin’ Avenue 2022 Top 25 Prospect list dropping, Steve, Lukas, Ken, and Thomas discuss some of the prospects that just missed making their own personal lists.

And, wrapping things up, the Wilponery of the Week!

Got questions? Comments? Concerns? You can email the show at fromcomplextoqueens at gmail dot com, and follow us on Twitter: Steve is (@stevesypa), Lukas is (@lvlahos343), Ken is (@kenlavin91), and Thomas is (@sadmetsszn).

Until next week, #lovethemets #lovethemets!