AAOP: I Missed the Deadline.

Welcome to my (late) AAOP. Got carried away studying.

Anyways, I am basing this plan off the following main ideas:

  • Against the Braves and Padres, The Mets did not hit for enough power. It is hard to score off elite pitchers in the postseason (looking at you, Musgrove and Darvish). That task gets even harder when you have to get 2-3 hits/walks in one inning just to score a run.
  • The Mets are perfect partners for teams like the Rays or White Sox, who have to cut costs while also try to build a contender. This presents perfect opportunities to make trades and acquire players that can help address weaknesses.

Step One: The Boring Stuff


-Tender: Nido, McNeil, Luchessi (traded), Drew Smith, Alonso, Guillorme

-Nontender: Dominic Smith

Options/Qualifying Offers:

-Exercise Cookie, Vogey (traded), Curtiss,

-Decline Givens

-Qualifying Offers to Bassitt, deGrom, Nimmo

Step 2: Free Agents!

-Aaron Judge: 8 years, 330 million.

· The best hitter in baseball comes to Flushing, helping to form one of the most feared lineups in the game.

-Edwin Diaz: 5 years, 102 million

· Already done. Welcome back Edwin!

-Brandon Nimmo 5 years, 110 million

· Nimmo AND Judge?!? Yes. Reward a homegrown player for having a strong contract year. His CF defense is above average and his OBP skills are perfect for the top of the lineup. Starling Marte is 34 and should not play CF at this stage of his career. Aaron Judge is strongest in RF.

-Trevor May (1/4), Miguel Castro (1/2), and Joely Rodriguez (1/1.5)

· Three decent relievers who will be affordable.

-Jameson Taillion, 3 years/44 million

· An affordable, solid no. 3/4 starter who has upside. 30 years old.


Trade 1:

-James McCann, Darin Ruf, Joey Luchessi, Nick Morabito, Simon Juan to the White Sox for Yoan Moncada, Joe Kelly, Reynaldo Lopez, Garrett Crochet

· Why the White Sox Say Yes: They gain ~$23 million to address other areas of their team over the next two years, along with two prospects. Kelly and Moncada are massive sunk costs, Crochet is coming off TJS, Lopez is in a contract year. McCann played his best years in Chicago. Ruf at $3 million is a bounce back candidate.

· Why the Mets say Yes: They address 3 bullpen spots with one trade. Crochet is an elite, controllable LHP. He looked lethal from 2020-2021 and is under team control through 2026. Kelly can bounce back and struck out nearly 13 batters/9 last year. Lopez did an excellent job setting up Liam Hendricks last year. Moncada, while significantly overpaid, can still field and has upside. He is still only 27. He sucks less than McCann.

Trade 2:

-Mark Vientos, Ronny Mauricio, Daniel Vogelbach to the Rays for Tyler Glasnow

· The Mets get the perfect starting pitcher to add for their contending window. Glasnow makes $5.6 million in 2023, followed by $25 million in 2024. When healthy, he is truly elite and looked every bit his old self after returning from TJS. Mauricio and Vientos are solid prospects, but both seem to not have a long-term role with the franchise. Vogey is fun but replaceable.

· Jacob deGrom will be missed, but Scherzer and Glasnow is still a potent 1-2 punch.

Trade 3:

-Eduardo Escobar to the Brewers for Hunter Renfroe

· With Moncada and Baty in the fold, EE becomes expandable. Renfroe seems to be a possible non-tender candidate, but has 30+ HR power and is in his contract year. They could do much worse at DH. He also has a cannon of an arm and can play RF in a pinch.

With that being said, I present your 2023 New York Mets!


1. Brandon Nimmo, CF

2. Aaron Judge, RF

3. Francisco Lindor, SS

4. Pete Alonso, 1B

5. Starling Marte, LF

6. Jeff McNeil, 2B

7. Francisco Alvarez, C

8. Hunter Renfroe, DH

9. Brett Baty, 3B


-INF: Luis Guillorme

-INF: Yoan Moncada

-C: Tomas Nido

-OF: Mark Canha


1. Max Scherzer

2. Tyler Glasnow

3. Jameson Taillon

4. Carlos Carrasco

5. David Peterson


-CL: Edwin Diaz

-RP: Garrett Crochet (L)

-RP: Reynaldo Lopez

-RP: Joe Kelly

-RP: Joely Rodriguez (L)

-RP: Drew Smith

-RP: Trevor May

-RP: John Curtiss

Player Age Pos 2023
Max Scherzer 38 SP $43,333,333
Aaron Judge 30 RF $41,333,000
Francisco Lindor 28 SS $34,100,000
Brandon Nimmo 30 CF $22,000,000
Edwin Diaz 28 CL $20,400,000
Starling Marte 34 OF $20,750,000
Pete Alonso 28 1B $15,900,000
Carlos Carrasco 35 SP $14,000,000
Tyler Glasnow 29 SP $5,350,000
Jameson Taillon 33 SP $14,600,000
Reynaldo Lopez 28 RP $3,300,000
Joe Kelly 35 RP $9,000,000
Yoan Moncada 27 2B $17,800,000
Mark Canha 33 OF $10,500,000
Jeff McNeil 31 2B $6,200,000
Trevor May 33 RP $4,000,000
Joely Rodriguez 29 RP $1,500,000
Hunter Renfroe 29 RF $11,200,000
Tomas Nido 29 C $1,600,000
Luis Guillorme 28 SS $1,500,000
Drew Smith 29 RP $1,200,000
John Curtiss 30 RP $775,900
Francisco Alvarez 21 C $650,000
David Peterson 27 SP $650,000
Garrett Crochet 23 RP $650,000
Miguel Castro 28 RP $2,000,000
DEAD MONEY $20,250,000
TOTAL $324,542,233

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