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Mets introduce Justin Verlander

The Mets introduced one of their biggest signings of the offseason today.

New York Mets Introduce Justin Verlander Photo by Rich Schultz/Getty Images

Earlier today, the Mets had their latest press conference, as they introduced Justin Verlander, one of their biggest additions of this offseason. Earlier this month, the team signed Verlander to a two-year, $86 million deal with a potential vesting option for a third year.

You can watch the entire press conference on the Mets’ YouTube channel. Here are some of the highlights from that portion of the event and Verlander’s interviews that followed the official presser:

  • On pitching in New York, Verlander said, “I love the vibe here. I love the city, I love the people.” And in terms of the pressure he might face pitching in New York, he had a simple but great line: “Nobody can put more pressure on me than I do myself.”
  • Asked why he chose the Mets, Verlander replied, “Steve. I think that was the short answer.”
  • Verlander cited his core surgery in 2014 as an event that made him take a look as his routines and change them and said he’s “constantly seeking new information” in an attempt to better himself as a pitcher.
  • Regarding pitching into his 40s, part of Verlander’s answer was, “My whole mentality on this is that I will be extremely proactive and do everything I possibly can to play for as long as I can and be as successful as I can—and healthy.” And he added, “If I also find myself at 45 pitching well and being healthy, then why would I stop?”

You can also watch Verlander’s one-on-one interview with SNY’s Steve Gelbs on the SNY YouTube channel.