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A Carlos Correa update: There is no update

There’s no official deal beetween the Mets and Correa yet.

MLB: AUG 09 Twins at Dodgers Photo by Brian Rothmuller/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

It’s been just six days since the news of the Metsagreement with Carlos Correa broke, but the team and the player still don’t have an official deal after concerns arose following the physical upon which the deal was contingent. Correa had his deal with the Giants, which would have been for thirteen years and $350 million, fall through less than twenty-four hours before coming to terms with the Mets on a twelve-year, $315 million contract.

The latest updates as reported by Jon Heyman in the Post don’t offer much in the way of certainty about a deal, but the specific concern about Correa’s health is related to an ankle injury he suffered back when he was in the minors. There are a few other tidbits in there, including that there’s still optimism that a deal can be reached and that Correa’s preference is to play for the Mets, while other teams have checked in on him given the possibility that the deal will fall through.